My name is Jason Rutland. I am first and foremost a husband and father. My wife and I set out to find a different way to live life and raise our kids! We wanted the freedom and time to create long lasting and inspiring experiences to equip our children with the tools needed to survive a world which we have seen spiral out of control. Our adventure is by no means over, but, to this point we have learned important and applicable lessons which we have tried our best to share with our friends and families. We have mapped and continue to navigate the trials and tribulations of a life which many people see as archaic. we have done our best to change that opinion. We live off grid! we have been attempting to create a small, sustainable, off grid ranch that will take care of our families needs into the future and in doing so believe we have stumbled upon a series of solutions to some of the worlds biggest problems. We never thought we would learn the things we have out here and through our produced videos, live streams, blog posts and consultations, we are bringing these common sense tools to the world!! If you are reading this, You have seen one of these and i hope it has helped you. the purpose of this campaign is to help us bring these tools and this solution based philosophy to everyone. If you are just here to check it out, we welcome you! if you have contributed to our campaign we thank you and want to let you know that you are a major part of our mission to leave a better world behind for our children, for your children and the many generations to come. thank you for your support!

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