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The Bright Side Part 1

My favorite view of Sheep Rock and our place

Ok, so now you know some of my inner thoughts from my previous post that I dare not whisper to anyone… It feels super bizarre that I have exposed myself to so many. Uncomfortable to say the least. But I’m glad I have. Growth isn’t achieved in the comfort zones anyway. In spite of how I feel deep down, I try my best to look on the bright side of every situation. Try. I smile a lot and try new solutions to problems until something works. Because honestly, life isn’t so bad…

We have each other… our health, our own piece of land to do any thing we want with, super strong spunky girls that make me laugh, and I have my husband, who has some how managed to become our power, gas, water, trash and sewage company. A large task for any one company let alone one family. But of course hard days are those that surface from a lack of any of the above. Mostly water. Water, water, water.  (I must make the point to say that my husband noticed we were out of propane early this morning and went and filled them before I was even awake. Thanks Love.) We have many solutions on water but last night we ran out. We are usually on it but since the pregnancy it has not been like clock work especially on things that I usually keep tabs on. We are going in so many directions now in preparation of these babies that the “usual” stuff is getting lost in the mix since there’s just the two of us out here to run our “city.”

We a had a Dr’s apt today and no one to watch the girls…again. So I spent an hour and a half cleaning each child head to toe with a wet rag using drinking water. Patience, I tell myself, it’s just the way it is for now, not forever…look on the bright side… The bright side? …um. Well, I guess I get to spend that much more time with my kiddos. They are little cuties after all and one day they won’t need me for much. That’s cool, plus we are heroes when it comes to water conservation. That’s what I tried to tell myself. But really I just wanted to be done and headed to our apt. Or have someone come over and watch them. Time went by as it does and we were all clean and ended up arriving to our apt 10 minutes early! Which is a novelty for us. Our kiddos were pretty good during the appointment. There were plenty of books for them to look at including one of my favorites, “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Their favorite part is hearing the twins hearts beat. While I really would rather not have gone through the effort to bring all three girls, (3, 5 and 7), I do love including them as much as possible. I especially love when they make their own sounds of the heart beats after hearing them off the doppler!

The good news for the day is that the twins and I are doing perfect. Their growth and development is exactly where it should be. I am doing great and perfectly healthy too. I’m really glad that no matter how I feel my body is workin it and doing a wonderful job. I feel them kicking so much now. The past 2 days they have been sooooo active! It’s really cool feeling two separate babies moving around. I imagine they are fighting for space!

Every day my girls ask how the boys are doing. I get kisses and raspberries on my tummy. Seattle, my 5 year old, likes to tickle “them” and every night they give my belly a hug to say “goodnight” and “I love you” to their brothers. No matter what the hard, there is always good to be found. There’s always a bright side even when we are out of water. Time to refill!

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