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The last year, Gout and Colloidal Silver!!

Nearly a year ago I found out that I had gout. This was a painful way to learn that my past eating habits had come back to haunt me. I started using colloidal silver daily since then and have made no other changes to my diet. I have also found a higher level of happiness (that will come into play later).  This year is a different story all together.  I wrote the following story last winter about the experience and i hope you enjoy it!!


So.. let me tell you a little about my week.

Picture this, a cold day outside, frost on every surface with ice fractals painting the windows like stained glass. The wood stove was crackling away. It was warm enough to go sans blanket, especially when considering the movie and the familial cuddle puddle.

Everything was perfect!!

And then, BOOM!!!

A pain in the center of my big toe. Anguish, figuratively poured into my foot, then my leg…

Nearly in tears (which I have been brought to by only a few tragedies and even fewer injuries) and with the knowledge that I had a Drs appointment, the am of the very next day, I take two Motrin, and begrudgingly force myself to fall asleep.

The next morning, I wake up with a stabbing jolt to the toe, an alarm clock of spikes and bee stings. This was gonna be a day!

I stumble around untill my Drs appointment, arrive and spill onto my doctor’s table. I am whimpering like a dog who’d been tossed outside in winter for farting up the place. My doctor says, “open wide” and with a flat pine stick in my mouth I assure him, the pain is much lower.

He checks this, knocks on that, shakes some chicken bones and does some other hobnobbery and says ” Jason, I think you might just have the king of diseases and also the disease of kings”.. pain clouding my perception I thought “since when do good looks, charisma and privilege cause this kind of pain in the foot? The heart, sure but the foot? He stood me up and I was faced with a mirror and the realization, that was not what he was talking about.

“I’m going to run some tests but considering the pain and it’s location”… I went blank for a moment, anticipation forced a diagnosis montage from the show “House MD” which meant only one thing. It must be sarcoidosis!!

“Gout” he said and repeated when it appeared his words fell on deaf ears.
“What!” Stumbled clumsily out of my mouth.
“Gout (insert explanation) and there isnt much more than anti-inflammatory and uric acid reduction meds we can do for it. Neither of those work fast.

Arrrrg!!! What!! GOUT!! I eat pretty well I’m not as fat as I used to be and I’m very active, what the crap man!! I find my way to the pharmacy and I pigeon toed my way home.

The next morning I wake up with the same pain in the foot and an even more intense pain of the same nature in my hip. AAAwwwwwEE!! The pain is unbelievable! I shuffle to the kitchen, taking the time to shake my fist in the air and usher the children off my lawn… in my head. I was surprised at that moment to feel.. well.. old.

The phone range, it was the doctor’s office letting me know that my uric acid levels were totally normal. “This may not be gout after all” a cheerful, in a finger nails on a chalkboard kinda way, voice said. I told her what was happening with my hip and she scheduled me to come in that day to see the nurse practitioner.

By the time I got there, carrying the pain in my foot and hip on my face, so that I could also get my kidney and lower right abdominal quadrant to swell up all in one trip. They sent me straight to the emergency room!

7 hours in the ER, looking for appendix issues, kidney failure, CT scans, x-ray and pain meds, oh the pain meds, finally a break from the pain!

They were able to handle my pain after I passed a random, completely out of the blue and unrelated kidney stone which had apparently formed and moved through my body under shroud of pain and darkness. It’s only purpose silently do as much ripping as possible. We may not have even known, had it not been for that meddling CT scan and it’s urinalysis. They discharged me with a diagnosis of severe low back pain and to see a urologist. ???

My pain has now leveled out but i am now at a strange intersection. Pain plaza and mystery place the signs say. I have all this new and unexpected pain. Our life out here takes a lot of hard, physical work. I mean a lot. As of the last 4 days, I can’t get up unassisted and still don’t have any idea what is going wrong with my body.

I wish Dr. House, MD was here. He’d say cut em open, let’s get to the bottom of this! But alas, I’m stuck here in reality, with real doctors, real procedural regulations and a very real fear of what comes next.

The only real change that i have made in my diet is Colloidal silver. But i can tell you that I feel very different from last years experience. I think that some times you can go a year or so between flare ups. Last year at this time I was feeling the early symptoms but this year, I cant say I remember feeling better. Perhaps the silver has something to do with that.

Another thing that I notice is that by this time last year i had a persisting cold and the flu twice and was very unhappy with where things were at in life. Im glad to say that since the regular use of colloidal silver, I have not once been down with either and due to life really coming together, I am much happier this trip round the sun. This is a huge change from the last 6 years at least. If you ask Cari, i was always sick, all winter and unhappy for a while too. Not today!!

in conclusion I descovered what 2 things i would tell anyone who was looking to get healthier. 1. increase your Colloidal Silver use and 2. increase your happiness. These are the only 2 possible reasons I havn’t been sick this year.

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