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The Random Chance Game!!

Im also posting a link to download this in pdf format at the bottom of this article so that you can easily print it off. Have fun on your random adventure!!!

The “Random Chance Game”


Jason Rutland

Sunburned Ass Ranch


The basic purpose of this game is to use Random Chance over a succession of “evolutionary generations” to create the best possible solution for anything you are having trouble with in life. Sounds impossible? Keep reading!!


  1. To take the guesswork out of this Trial and Error life
  2. And simply, To get what you want out of life, regardless of circumstance.

What you’ll need

I have provided a step by step worksheet, variable card template, chart and link to a random number generator in this post. The random number generator is only needed if you do not have dice or a coin to use.

A quick note:

When you read the title of this game, you may have thought, “Random Chance!! i’m sure that is a clever euphemism for creating your own luck through hard work or something”. Nope!! I mean Random Chance. I suggest you watch the accompanying video to fully understand the thinking behind this game.  In short, we can probably agree that none of us have the ability to see the future. We may also agree that life is one big experiment in trial and error. Now some may disagree with my third assumption but it is that getting into the right opportunity at the right time is very often a function of random chance. You know what they call that?… Luck!! That’s what they call that. So if we can not see the actual results of decisions in the here and now, and it’s all a mix between trial and error and luck anyway, how can we affect the outcome? This game is an attempt to do just that!


This is a very basic explanation of how to do this. I will be adding to this as time goes on and as questions arise.

Getting Started

  1. Print out the Game Materials

I have attached the materials to this post in pdf format. Print them out and keep them handy.

  1. Defining Variables

Make a list first of all the different parts of the problem you are trying to solve. Again, refer to the video for examples. For us it was concocting a schedule for homeschooling our 3 daughters. Our first set of variables were Math, Reading, Art, Science, P.E. etc. Variable A = School Subjects. The second set of variables was the amount of time we spent on each subject. This was what we used the dice for. Every dot was equal to 10 mins. We set a total time for 3.5 hours of actual school work not including breaks or meals. Then variable 3, was to study theory or practical. Then finally what time to start.  Take your first set of variables and right them on the chance card template, cut them out and put them in a hat, bowl or box and set aside. If you don’t have access to any dice, This would be the point to go to In the minimum field, enter the lowest possible number for the second variable. Ours would be 1. And the max would be the highest. For us it was 6. Each number represented 10 mins. Actually use a coin for any coin flip options (yes or no, Up or Down, etc).  Now that you’re all set up, Lets Play!!


  1. Pick A Card Any Card

Pick a chance card, write it down in the top available slot in column A. If variable 2       requires a die, roll the dice and record the result in column b. If you have a third variable, roll the dice or flip a coin and record the results in column c. Let’s say thats the last variable, Record the results of all variables in the last column and go on to pulling the next card. For us the top line looked like this:


Variable A

Variable B Variable C Variable D Variable E Final Result
#1 Math 4 on dice Tails on coin flip Math Theory for 40 mins


After you have worked through every one of the Chance Cards and have recorded all the results, you have your very first generation of the purely random organization of that activity or problem you are applying this to. Now the figuring out what works for you happens. To make the earlier step more than just an exercise in data entry, the next step is what we feel is the meat of the game.

  1. The hardest part of this game is commiting to the process. You must also commit to trying the random solution for a finite amount of time. This will take the variable about your personal feelings out of the equation… at least until later. Our first try was to put it mildly, rough. But we decided to try it for 3 days. By the end of the 3 days, we learned a lot.
  2. Record your results and observations. We used a composition notebook and at the end of each day we wrote down how it went and how the kids did. The emphasis should be on efficacy. Did it work? Not work? What was good about it, etc.
  3. At the end of the period pre-decided upon review your notes and reflect on the experiences you had during it because this is where it gets interesting.
  4. It’s time to sort the data and decide What to keep and what to toss. For us, there was only one variable that seemed to work first round. That may be different for you. We made 0 changes to that variable but replaced all the other Chance cards in the hat and restarted the process on a new variable chart. Our second generation had more wins involved, we ended up with 3 keep variables and 7 toss.
  5. Do it again!! Continue to repeat this until all the variables are organized in the optimal format for you, in your life. That’s who this is for after all!!
  6. You may find it necessary to enter in new variables later on in the generations, such as who will be responsible for that or what time to start, etc. just follow the earlier steps to throw them in the mix as well.
  7. There are some things to be asking yourself during this process. One question is am I capable of doing this version? Are there physical limitations, do I need to get help to make this happen? But the most important Question to ask is, Can I repeat these results? Was my result a flash in the pan or the actual solution? This is very important. You may find that your result corresponded with a major, positive life even. New job, New friend, new Relationship. This will be determined by a little time. Once you find what seems to work for you, remember. This was all chosen at random. You don’t have to be married to the result. If after some time of earnest effort on the solution you came up with you find you still need to make changes, I encourage you to do just that.

That’s it!! That is how you turn random chance in your favor. I feel like people spend way too much time on trial and error. I think it is because when people make decisions based on the data they have available, they become defensive of the decision. They don’t want to be wrong about what they decided so they can spend years trying to prove himself right. This is a gigantic waste of time. Remember earlier when we agreed that we cannot see the future and that so much of life is chance and luck mixed with effort? Try this game, take the time out of the trial and error, “unmarry” yourself from the decision and get where you want to be sooner. That way you can spend more of the time you have living the life you want!!


May you happen upon a life that works for you!! Thanks Y’all!


Variable A Variable B Variable C Variable D Variable E Final Result


Remember to take lots of notes on your observations about the results. That is where the insites happen!!


download the materials for this “game” in the link below.

The Random Chance Game pdf Download

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