About Us


Hello Y’all!! Thanks for checking out the Website for Sunburned Ass Ranch!! we hope you enjoy it!! This is us…well, most of us. The Rutland Family. Off grid since 2010. We have recently added Jaxon and Vegas to the family! We believe in the virtues of this off grid life. We feel like it is a lifestyle that has brought our family together and and made us a great team. We love helping people to realize their dreams of living off grid. We made this website to do just that. there is a lot more to know about us and you can find out through our videos and blog posts. From projects around the ranch to videos about the lifestyle itself, we hope you enjoy getting to know us and hope to get to know you as well!!


The Head Imaginator

Im Jason, Head Imaginator here at Sunburned Ass Ranch. That’s just a fancy way of saying I tend to be the one who instigates all the trouble around here. That being Said, I love this life, am convinced it has save ours on more than one occasion and that helping others to attain this feeling is a worthy cause. I hope you will catch up on our videos, both produced and live and get to know me and us a little better!!


The Real Boss!!

Yes Yes, I admit it!! None of this would be possible with out the real glue around here. I am very luck you have you in my life. Meet Cari. Cari is patient, intelligent, loving and mega creative. As a music teacher, she takes pride in her ability to instill a love of playing music in her students. She runs the household and keeps me from falling apart.

The Off Grid Kids!!!


Meet Brooklynn!! She is the oldest of the off grid kids. She is a total sweetheart and one of the most imaginative and creative children I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She loves to be outside, ride bikes and play till she drops. I am so excited to see what she becoming!!


Meet Seattle!! Don’t let the smile fool you, Seattle is no joke!! totally fearless and in possession of seemingly infinite energy, She is unstoppable. She Is also one of the most considerate, helpful and brilliantly funny kids ever. The amount of love this little girl can display is nothing short of awesome!!


What can I say about Phoenix? She is a spit fire young lady who i can only imagine will be president someday! Tenacious, independent, radiant and hilarious, at 3 years old she can already demand all the attention in a room! She is also the sweet and loving all wrapped up in a fun size package. I think the legend will be her first words were one line joke!!


I don’t know yet! I can say one thing, together they are a force to be reckoned with!! I cant wait to watch them grow…and then to put them to work…lol!! Stay Tuned!!