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Keeping It Together!!

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Keeping It Together Jaxon & Vegas A lot has changed over the past few months. We had 2 additions to our family last October. Identical twin boys! Making us a family of 7. Here’s a little sum up of my life now. I live off grid with my husband and 5 kiddos, work 4 days […]

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The Random Chance Game!!

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Im also posting a link to download this in pdf format at the bottom of this article so that you can easily print it off. Have fun on your random adventure!!! The “Random Chance Game” 01.08.2018 ─ Jason Rutland Sunburned Ass Ranch Overview The basic purpose of this game is to use Random Chance over […]

John Beardsley

Introduction of John Beardsley!!

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For Anyone who missed the show this morning, First off it was awesome!! I had a great time making it. Secondly, You missed the debut of our first sponsor of the show, John Beardsley!! So if you did miss it, Here is his special message to you!! I hope you enjoy!! lol 🤣🤣🤣 Please Like, […]

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Wake Up With Good Coffee #31

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This is the first time I used Open Broadcast Software to do the show!! it went very well in my opinion and was one of my favorite episodes to date! check it out!! P.S. There was an issue and i had to restart the video, so I have put both videos here. be sure to […]