Just Having fun

Here it is!! The zombie apocalypse sword giveaway video!! It was a lot of fun making this. I hope you have fun watching it. Win the Sword that defended Sunburned Ass Ranch against hordes of attacking zombies!!!

This is “Jason’s hungry and BonHam’s Mad about it” Remember, this is just a joke so laugh, like, comment and share!! Enjoy!! The grass fed human is at it again. he tried to save a fish on the line and ended up biting more than he could chew!!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what happened to BonHam!! Is he gone for ever? Nope!!😜 here is a sneak peak at our next video, “BonHam is…The Grass Fed Zombie” I mean, how else could he come back!?

#shavedforlove #trimitforcari. Paying tribute to the beard as we wish it farewell. Because for love…thats why!!